privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This “Privacy Policy” clarifies IT-CASA’s policy regarding how IT-CASA connects, shares, and manages information acquired via this site.
OESF promises to protect personal information contained in inquiries and various documents provided from outside IT-CASA and to respect individual privacy according to the Privacy Statement.

Access Logs

Information on access to this site by users is recorded as access logs. Access logs contain their domain names, IP address, browser types, access dates and times, etc., but do not contain personal information which can be traced back to an individual user. Access logs are used to allow maintenance and usage analysis of this site, but are not used for purposes other than those stated.


IT-CASA currently uses cookies on certain pages of this site for the purpose described below. Cookies are used to store information on contents browsed by a user in the user’s computer. Information to be collected through cookies does not contain personally identifiable information about the person such as names and email addresses.

Purposes of Using Cookies

  • Cookies are used to temporarily store information, including but not limited to information previously browsed by you on this site, necessary for a better site experience to users.
  • Cookies are used to enable IT-CASA or other parties to which IT-CASA outsources to analyze this site usage by users for site improvements.


Users can set your browser to disable Cookies (please see the Help in your browser for procedure of the setting). However, when cookies are disabled, there may be limitations on the provided services.