Our Vision

We will support that engineers can use Android ™, which spread quickly and is available as an open source, in various systems or equipments.
Learning the embedded software knowledge and programming skills, is the key to play an important role in creating the future.
Now, toward the realization of the dreams, let’s challenge to create a new era together.

Information-Technology Career Ability Support Agency, Japan

Chairman, ACE committee


Admire Engineers

To aim at Applauded Engineers

IT technology has evolved at a rapid pace. And underpinning it are engineers and creators with rich creativity. However,  technical skills have not been taken into consideration and actually measured by man-month effort.  We aim at that technical personnel with the true ability should receive the proper evaluation by setting up the proper evaluation standard.

Towards a global society

Towards a global society

The spread of the Internet, in the flow of international standardization (Global Standard), software development, distribution, service is facing a major turning point.
Software products are delivered to the world in an instant, the service will be provided through the 24-hour network.
Without thinking global, software business does not hold anymore.

The spread of open source

The spread of Open Source

Open source is a concept that exposes a free source code so that everyone in the world can improve freely. But actually, there is more meaning than that.
Open source is a strong trend with big influence. It means coalition of the effort and the idea for promoting development of more excellent, highly reliable, safe software.
Open source brings us the expansion of freedom and rights, the power to enlarge originality and freedom, to develop better products freely, to improve the source code freely, and to choose their own software freely.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software

We still need more control of the software in  many control devices, home appliances, such as Smartphones and Tablets and so on.
“Standardization” and “differentiation” are required to build a business model in the embedded software development industry.
After standardizing a development environment by the effort by which it’s for industry, it’s expected that a software developer competes by differentiated technical power and development method. Technical power of an engineer individual is responsible for it.