Application Basic Skill for Android

Application Basic Skill for Android™

3rd Layer Skill Item Contents
System Architecture System Architecture Overview
User Interface Menus Option menu and dialog menus
Dialogs Various dialogs
Event Processing Button, key and motion events
Notifications Notification bar, clock display etc.
Styles and Themes Color sets
Views View object
Graphics(2D & 3D) Drawing on a Canvas, OpenGL drawing
Resource Files Android Manifest Application name, execution method, main Activity definition
XML Formats
Resource Aliases and Internationalization Resource substitutions using the Alternative option
Security and Permissions Security concepts
Application Components Intent and Intent Filters The role of Intents, linking between Applications, explicit and explicit intents
Activity Lifecycle
Content Providers
Service Lifecycle
Storage File I/O Overview
Preferences Saving and reading application data
SQLite Using SQL (in the database)
Communication Network Protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP) and packages
Bluetooth android.bluetooth package
Wi-Fi android’s Wi-Fi package
External Devices and Sensors GPS GPS sensor package
Sensors sensor package
Multimedia Audio Using media files
Video Using media files
Testing Junit Framework Automated testing
Native Code JNI
Script Language(ASE)
NDK Overview
Application Management Versioning Recording version in the manifest file
Private Key Generation Using keytool to make a private key
Map API Key Registration Registering to use MapView
Application Distribution Signing Signing an apk archive, cannot install without it
Updating Automatic update from the Android Market by version
Development Functions Eclipse
Android Development Tools Plugin(adt)
layoutopt A diagnostic tool for layout files
Draw 9-patch Image editing tool
Android Asset Packaging Tool(aapt) Create an apk file, archival
Android Interface Description Language(aidl) Defining interfaces with different layers
sqlite3 SQLite
dx A tool to convert class files to dex files
zipalign A tool to optimize an apk file
Debug Functions Android Emulator
Android Virtual Devices(AVDs)
Hierarchy Viewer Tool to display a layout file hierarchy
Dalvik Debug Monitor Service(ddms)
Android Debug Bridge(adb)
Traceview Trace for android applications
mksdcard Tool to create an SD card image
UI/Application Exerciser Monkey The ‘monkey’ test tool
android Command for managing AVD and SDK

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