About Exam.

How much technical capability do you have to developing AndroidTM?
Authorized Certification of Engineer for Android TM< exam can prove your technical capability.

About Authorized Certification of Engineer for Android TM

Android market has received high expectation and Android has attracted a great deal of public attention; on the other hand, people have been concerning about a lack of engineers with the expansion of the Android market.
In order to solve these problems, OESF started to provide an official exam to certify your skills and knowledge for Android. That is “OESF Certified Engineer for Android™.” Please take this exam for acknowledging your own technical capability and knowledge, and to improve engineers’ skills for your company.
This test has been delivered to 160 countries around the world, Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese is possible.
In all the world, the number of examinees in excess of (as of April 2014) 4,000 people, and has been recognized as a global standard already.

Since November, 2011, the education section of OESF has managed this exam.
In October 2016, this section transferred to Information-Technology Career Ability Support Agency, Japan(IT-CASA) and the leader of OESF education section become the chairman of its ACE committee.With this transfer, these following changes have been made.

Examination enforcement organization
Old :Open Embedded Software Foundation
New: ACE committee/ Information-Technology Career Ability Support Agency, Japan

Exam name
Old: OESF Authorized Certification Engineer for Android TM
New: Authorized Certification of Engineer for Android TM

There is no change for the test range, a test method and the test price.
We are trying to make the exam develop by taking IoT knowledge and appreciate your continued support.


  • Android™ engineers
  • Java developers
  • Web application developers
  • iPhone application developers
  • Mobile developers
  • Students and teachers who are studying about Android™
  • University, technical schools, and educational institute


There are two types of exams for “OESF Certified Engineer for Android™” which are “Application Engineer Exam” and “Platform Engineer Exam,” and you can take an exam according to categories of work. Also, we provide two levels of exams, “Basic level” and “Professional level”, so that people who take this exam can set their goal easily. Moreover, this exam is linked with ETEC (Embedded Technology Engineer Certification) which is based on ETSS that is developed by Information-technology Promotion Agency.


Benefit to the companies:

  • can prove that retention of human capital and technical strength
  • can establish fair and objective view of evaluation and assessment system
  • can confirm result of development of human resources and personnel training

Benefit to the engineers:

  • can recognize own skills objectively and can build your career
  • can present your own skill as an official evaluation
  • Promote yourself