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Judgment of passACE認定証Sample ITCASA

If you took the Android ™ certification exam, score report will be issued at the exam site. Score of 70 percent or higher is acceptance line. This score report will not be re-issued, please keep it always.
All successful candidates will receive printed certificate later.

This certification is an important certificate to prove that you have passed the Android ™ certification exam.

IT-CASA, Authorized Certification of Engineer for Android officially prove the power of your engineering skills for Android.

Please use effectively as qualified as an engineer in the future.

Read the score report

The score report, the accuracy rate of questions sectoral and total score are listed.If you could not pass the exam, you can see the accuracy rate of any field that you missed. The learning areas of low accuracy rate, let’s prepare for re-examination.

Application Basic Exam

  • Android Framework(1)
    • System Architecture
    • User Interface
    • Resource Files
    • Application Components
  • Android Framework(2)
    • Storage
    • Communication
    • External Devices and Sensors
    • Multimedia
    • Testing
    • Native Code
  • Application Publishing
    • Application Management
    • Application Distribution
  • Supporting Functions
    • Development Functions
    • Debug Functions

More detail, please refer Application Basic Skill for Android™

Android Experts

Please join the Android Experts (Facebook Group) for the successful candidates of Certification Examination. You can connect Android engineers world wide.
The participation request is performed on, after confirmed by the secretariat, make the participation permission.