Trying to exam

Let’s take Exam

All Technology Certification Exams have been delivered by the system of Prometric.
English and Traditional Chinese exams are temporarily suspended until further notice.
If you are living in Japan, you can take Japanese version of the exam. Please visit Japanese site to register.

Flow to take exam

The certification test has been carried out daily in the test center of Prometric in the world.
The registration to taking exam Will be accepted online booking of the Internet.
Test reservations, seat availability, payment method, details about the exam, you should visit Prometric website.

Now, Take exam!ACE認定証Sample ITCASA

Take the exam at the test center you have booked in advance. In consideration of the traffic situation, please go to with a margin.
The score report is a test results that give you the end of the test. Please keep it in a safe place that we do not reissue score report
Certificate will be sent from IT-CASA Authorized Certification of Engineer for Android within about two months later (score 70 points or more) to successful applicants. This certificate will be proof of your ability.

About retake policy

When you take the same test, for the second attempt, it will be possible than (including Saturday and Sunday) at day 30 or later from the day of the test date. For the examination of the third and subsequent, it will be available from 60 days onwards as from the day following the last day of exam.

Exam example of the shortest period

Number of Attempts Examination and re-exam date
First exam 1st January 2013
Second exam 31st January 2013
Third exam 1st April 2013



Even if the violation of the retake policy, registration and exam can be on the system (There is no check on the system. We will check retake policy on consent screen at the time of booking at this time.)
Please note that when the exam in violation of the retake policy, certification has become the cancellation, we could not refund of the examination fee at all.